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It's all about Great Spaces.

There's something magic about great office spaces.... they inspire us and make us more productive. They make going to work a little less of a chore. This web site celebrates the great office spaces of the world. It lets everyone see how great an office space can be. So if you're one of the lucky ones that gets to work in a great office space, and you haven't shared it with the world, what are you waiting for? We want to see it! Just keep in mind that not every company is anxious to share their work space with the world (although we can't understand why), so if you're not certain, ask your boss first!

Keep in mind as you enjoy the photos that you can vote for each one. The votes for each photo of an office are averaged together to create an overall Office Rank.

About "Us". was the brainchild of two graphic designers while having lunch one day. It's just that simple. Want to know more about us or one of the offices on the site? Or simply have some comments? Feel free to drop us a note using the the Feedback form.

Thanks, and enjoy the site!